Hobart, Indiana Air Purification Installation

Services Available:

  • Humidifier
  • Power Humidifier
  • Electronic Air Cleaner
  • Ultraviolet Air Purifier

Types of Air Purification

  • Humidifier

    Have you ever considered whether or not you need a whole house humidifier? A humidifier might be a great addition to your whole home comfort system if you:

    • Find yourself zapped by static shock
    • Wake up in the morning with a sore throat, chapped lips, or just feeling dry all over
    • Notice cracking in your wood furniture, floors, or drywall

    You may notice that these issues become worse in the winter. Your heating system adds to these humidity-related problems because the process of heating the air removes moisture. A whole house humidifier can be installed on your heating system to add moisture to the warm air and deliver it through the duct system to your entire home, making you and your family more comfortable.

    Even better, a whole house humidifier can actually save you money. A home with higher humidity will feel warmer, allowing you to be more comfortable at lower temperatures

  • Electronic Air Cleaner

    An Electronic Air Cleaner is a device which removes contaminates from the air. These devices are commonly marketed as being beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and at reducing or eliminating second-hand smoke.

    When these unites are attached to a heating system, it is capable of cleaning the air throughout your entire house.

  • Ultraviolet Purifier

    Just as homeowners wash before eating, UV lights offer another line of defense that helps "wash" the air before breathing. UV irradiation has been used by hospitals and restaurants for years to help disinfect and prevent the spread of germs.

    Mold and bacteria can thrive in a variety of conditions and can be easily spread throughout a home by the heating and cooling system.