Hobart, Indiana Chimney Liner Replacement & Installation

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Over 40 years experience in the Heating & Air Conditioning business and in understanding the concerns of a customer at a unexpected time in need, and the urgency of reliable service in Hobart and all Lake County areas. With same day service available to keep you at your loved ones comfortable at all times. And we pride ourselves on treating you and your home with the utmost respect.

Services Available:

  • Inspections
  • Regular maintenance
  • Metal chimney liner installation
  • Aluminum chimney liner installation
  • Clay tile chimney liner installation
  • Chimney liner installation and repair
  • General maintenance
  • General tune-ups and checks

Rely On Our Chimney Liner Expertise

  • What Are Chimney Liners?

    The flue of a chimney is the passageway of the chimney that serves to carry smoke and other combustion products out of the building and into the air.

    A chimney liner is a material inserted into the flue of the chimney in order to keep combustion products from the fireplace (or other appliance) safely contained as it flows up the chimney. With the right materials and resources, a chimney liner can be inserted into any existing chimney.

    Although building codes vary from state to state and city to city, a chimney liner installation is highly recommended, no matter where you live. It is the most important part of the chimney system!

    Chimney Liner Inspection

    Inspection of your chimney consists of inserting a camera to view if there are any obstructions and to verify the safety that all of the exhausting gas is contained properly and being removed from your home.

    Chimney Liner Installation

    We install only AGA approved chimney lining materials that consist of double walled metal lining equipment from the top with a weather cap, down to the base of a chimney where your furnace and water heater connect into and ensure total containment of all exhausting gas.

  • Types of Chimney Liners

    • Clay Tile Chimney Liners - The most common type of masonry chimney liners, clay tile chimney liners are inexpensive and readily available. They open fireplace chimneys well and are easy to maintain. They cannot absorb rapidly, however, sometimes causing cracks in the flue tiles.
    • Metal Chimney Liners - Metal chimney liners are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. They are used to upgrade or repair existing chimneys. Most of the time, high temperature insulation is required to be used in conjunction with metal chimney liners.
    • Cast-in-Place Chimney Liners - Cast-in-place chimney liners are lightweight and cement-like. They are installed inside the chimney, forming a smooth surface for an insulated passageway, all while improving the structural integrity of aging chimneys.